Why WILL they have to NEED TO DRINK themselves into an opinionated illicit oblivion? Really, though! What can we know that they DO ACTUALLY not appear to do anymore… that it’s all of it been this dire situation of necessity, actually

To go again, and barter agonisingly with themselves and to a point of bewildering bewilder — this is One Man —-

Dutifully dIlApiDaTeD and this IS his also-ran lifeTIME which cannot but fall apart at the absolute uninspiring seams… Time Again

It SEEMS to have stemmed from a direly genetic PRE-dIspOsiTiOn
And his aimLESS ammunition is: forever willing-to-be sitting deceptively with-IN

A big BLACK bottle of whiskey-kissed liquor. Oh, the sadness of a man blindSIGHTED by his VERY OWN SeNse Of hindSIGHT hIlArItY..