Does he even know that she is still there?
Even when he sees completely nothing
Strutting her carefree stuff – dressed to the nines, prepared to dine it out entirely
Fire insde of an utterly, deliciously, unkempt belly
Stringing it all together one lipstick manoeuvre at a wholesome time
Sipping on some red wine as opposed to his devotee rum & coke
A chokehold of a different kind
Unwind, remind yourself all over again
Of a far more lavishly decorated time when the two of you took the whole world on
Blind-love when push comes to shove
Wrong turns totally side-stepped, prepping yourselves for more of the same
No degree of blame
The hangman and the noose
Loose morals yet somehow… anyhow… forgivable nonetheless
Abreast of all of her responsibilities
He cannot, will not, quit this particular silken quality
One such rope with a dangerously enticing degree of scope