I’m trying to decide whether or not to cut off her air supply – she’s been rather meticulously deceitful, will grab at my dragging feet time again ’til I finally find myself to stand as embarrassingly still as her magnanimous slur
Hell for leather, sprinting on hot wheels, some of you simply don’t know whether or not to smile or to turn oh so ferociously hostile on her
These eyes do focus and align your altogether everything, and all in one over-obsessive, dog-wagging-it’s-tail evening when feelings go right back to being of teenage inclination
All of the answers will gloriously unravel soon as you start to stop assuming her damn sexiness to hold her smoulderingly apart – when a ten-out-of ten tends to cause the conversation to pale into terrifically insignificant significance
The trick will be to think with your brain and not to slump-surrender and stick her with your dick
Have the heart that sets you apart