They were riotously reeling-off all of the doddering differences hidden (between us all actually); it’s been.. cordially inviting and comedic-ally PUSHED.. to the ends of

Tantamount and OUTstretched tethers. We’ve not achieved this particular level of layabout industry before. Indeed, “it appears

Just about as good as it can’Ve gotten for them… eagerly idiotic individuals of DUELLING animosities within(!) And if we feel a little

Putridly perturbed then let’s NOT” disturb the others from —->> their nocturnal slumber (!!) How’s about a time to talk when it’s all gone eerily real and silent as can be(?) and how’s about.. messing~up all of ouR outlandish styles of rhyme and RhYthM to send

Someone else’s aforementioned dOddErInG brain to that place and point. Of utter… be-LONGING ACTUALLy.

And if this WAS singularly achieved with a pitchfork inside of their minds… “then imagine them minUS that

Devil’s Instrument.”