They’ve even taken time-to-be their number1-enemy. They have VERY-MUCH-SO thought about the e-n-t-i-r-e thing times MULTIPLIED by Their—-

“My, Oh MY(!) Minds(!!!)”

WHEN they strenuously became – stereoPHYSICALLY mutilated YET again. These WERE the evening-tImE, part-tImE AND sPiRaLlIng-oF-eagerFACED-soirées

of a most

Inclined-to-remain: jovial AND electrified, if somewhat(!?) certainly ViLifiEd-by-MinD day, by— ALL that came and went detriMENTALLY before it ALL,

And they DO appear to have whispered wisely amidst their WHISKY-breaths and kissed the KingOfCreationThisParticulartoneOfONEtime TOO MANY altogether(…)

Equally sPEAKing, they’ve altered their avid imaginations to SIT AND s-u-i-t a whole-wide-nation(…. …).

Of Unapologetic people, indeed; their apoplectic minds are theirs and for one AFOREMENTIONED soul reasoning, and THAT is because—-> >

The cause HAD-TO-HAVE-been coming::: Til IT came at them(again!) and at… ahem, MAINLY serendipitoUS pACE(…)

No more blessing their TwiStEd MiRrOr and Meander-Of-face; when fate plays its very own state of

Tricky-LITTLE-tricks on them again, and we get to sit eErIlY still with our illy-misbehaving, silly ol’ sausage-faced selves.