Extremely fraught, by this behemoth thing which can tend to pulverise many a far lesser somebody

Not, so you do get to wholeheartedly realising right now, that she is any way
any such everybody – just twisting her fingers and toes and hoping to be simply her

So far from it, actually

Brand new… but who!?
She may willingly ask, taken to task of an own eerily corruptible, suddenly so smiling volition

And it shall, above all else, Have To Remain just that particular way

Step immediately out of unsettled sight, dear girl of ours, and vanquish this tremendously upside-down, seemingly so ridiculously intricate fate of frustrated-to-ever-await-anything yours

Patience must cease her from becoming a petrified patient again

At rigorous one
with one’s utterly settled self might be oh so deliriously nice – the catchment area minus these insinuating “what-ifs?” to tear a weaker version sevenfold against the churning sun

Perfection-seeking can, and will unravel to mind-togglingly destroy an otherwise gladdened existence

She shall never of a rip-torn day again ask for this peril to venture at painstakingly unjustifiable will
blasphemed upon the wide-open, fair dangerously creative part of her shock-absorbed being

There’s that silver-lining begging to be but utmost serene

Terrifically difficult when you think for a thousand people…

Yes, indeed, these instances must tend to themselves atop/aside no-one else