I’m okay now, hardly perfect just quite alright thank you very much
I miss my pals and swear it might have been far better for me
Once upon a time – now simply awry at best
This needle will tempt me each and every other agonised second, it seems to have a voice which can scream to match any ghastly banshee
My narrowed-out eyes do roll, and twitch, and oft succumb to the utter need to feel almost otherworldly
But I won’t
Place this blasted thing inside of me, otherworldly for awhile perhaps, nonetheless that five minute ‘joker’ smile just must not match the lust for a real life – the lapse alone would crucify me
It will keep on caressing and cajoling my crying brain ’til I begin to feel fearlessly insane
Yet this whip-smart, over enthusiastic sponsor, the right-hand man standing immediately in front of me sees to it that I do not move – not for ten more sweat-ridden and manically strewn out days at least
My feast is almost over, or so I can only ever hope to cope