They do seem to have in fact tracked and traced it all of the way back, to something durable and suitable AND otherworldly, even. These people have been brought to this particular place to plACE their tied hands down upon NOW..

The lockTIGHT table ahead of them, awaiting the unshackling of a LifeTime, perhaps.

“Why Not, though?!” Give them just this ONE thing: NOW and for-NEVER what it once may have actuALLy seemed to appEAR to have been.

Zero IS AS IT (ACTUALLY) APPEARED, yet the softening sense of scene often ‘lies’ deniably behind this oceanic thing – of tWisTy-TwIstS and fruitless tUrNs, indeed —

They HAVE minded their minds amidst the ChUrN this Time, have EVEN very nEARLY WISHfully tWisTeD all ill-AWARE aforementioneds the right-way-round aGAIN… … …

Place down/ the sounds and nosy-little-NOiSES (now.) And all other inexplicable AND inesCAPABLE cases of thunderously unannounced, OFTunderannounced acrimony

“Please(?)” These fragments seem to MEAN everythingAmidst the power behind their head-held-high eyes