Wrap your arm on up and take a drink
I’ve been thinking, minds been reeling fair typically, and we need to breathe full circle ’til the whole damn show comes crashing down
All round
Fair flavoursome
Imagine the magic, some will say tragedy coursing on through our each and every vein and, really, can’t say I blame them
But this is it my friend, our time to truly breathe
Not too many get a chance like this – momentary, perhaps, but dancing with beautiful angels either way
See them right there while you prepare yourself?
Bet you can’t wait to see that needle delve a little deeper
Seems we’re seeing it all now
Those angels are calling your name
Go on, quench the thirst, let your arm splay
And the blood begins to infuse with a sordid drug – one tugging at the other
His eyes start to roll as he clasps his rosary beads and forgets about his mother and her once oh so wise albeit utterly neglected words
Dead To The World

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