He leans on in extra-peculiar
And tends to making
utter utmost re-fabricated sense
To himself again

He wrestles along with his youth
while trying so hard to live with the truth

– carries only ever with him these threatening emblem strings,
which will sing no less fruitfully created
By one such choke-hold, escapism, wicker tin-whistle

His sinful flame-emblazoned lips mean the next best thing in her whole widened world
Simply because she chose to be this particular way

Sat immediately right here before… stone-cold frozen We

Their inner bodies more so, whilst our minds go forth/march ear-achingly toward
The North Pole of our brains per say

– and our passerby tears do try so very ferociously hard, while we stand and swallow
Our shy-lock pride

One falsely perceived feel per time
And attempt to deliver a piece of miraculously inept history

Tickling our wallets at warily conscientious pace
as though t’were that we were wishing to be,
These incredible people

– fending for only ever ourselves so as to drop a ‘disarmingly’ pretty, pretty penny
Tantalised cheap-skate atop

The snail-paced Holy Grail turned ferociously upon its quickened head
Albeit if only but for merely a meagre spit-second
This is the cold-shouldered endeavour like no other, perhaps
One-in-a-million, please

And be sure-as-shit
It will go where best-kept whiskey goes to heart-breakingly flow,
inside of the worst held people, breathes screaming, steaming hot rivers of hardship far harder than any known life of derelict upheaval can ever fully wake of a following morning a.m.,
to mentally fathom

And they can and shall steal, beg, broach ‘n’ blasphemously borrow once again

Rather futile individuals, so it seems, as they take all of it away

Back for themselves
From these people,
who appear – amidst their very own over-convinced and paralysing eyes – to be,
Dastard thieves all of Our very own unknowing accordance

When the shoe is entirely placed upon the other foot, be it none too metaphorical at that
When We all get to understand to comprehend
and to bridge these burgeoning, saddened and dreadfully twisted gaps
And to finally, fully know

Feel – to long for F-R-E-E

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