Never truly invested she said the things which they need to hear and feel – far from HER home and from ALL of the truths

And distanced again by these maybe-so also-rans – “right now it appears an appealing individual indeed, and we seem to’ve undertaken a whole other thing of

Catched and caughten information.” We heLLa-yell at the top of our housing of deplorable lungs. Knelt down now … only some of them

Are penning their imperfect aforesaid truth. It’s been a tiring and troublesome game of … who IS the GreatEst ))DeaD(( artist OF THEM ALL

InterpretationALLY speaking, she’s been climbing the side of yet another gargantuan mountain, and magnificently mounting the SEEMS- and seen-to-be utterly Insurmountable – “when we turn our minds off at the tOUCH(!!) of a bArKinG mAd button