A crying town weeps whilst one third of brothers goes to take him home in cradled arms

This has simply been … Speechless
And we will never get to forget what it is exactly that you mean to people

No, they sure as shit don’t make ’em quite like they used to … do they though?

And you can rest rather comfortably assured, Cathal Murphy, because your natural born crushing tackle ability to take a million made from gold memories and to store them right by our everlasting everything …
… is second only ever to your jaw-dropping staunch quality atop a football field of Bandon F.C./Cork City/international underage cap dreams

This is heartbreaking and utterly unasked for, yet your lads-lad/ladies man, friendly and charming demeanour shall forever proceed you, cause you to breathe all over again some may pray

Just settle say when we can be heroes like you

Goodbye our fantastical friend
For you reminded us all for one last time that you meant more than most people could have ever fully fathomed

And now we can only get to go where we go to best reinvest – by these trusted re-imaginings of you – the forever wanderer

A man’s true worth has to solely lie with just how incredibly much he will be unforgettably missed

Irreparable damage done, but you will always get to be : one magnificent mother stood proudly aside a magnificent father’s otherworldly  son, and your each and every brother-in-arms will wear your badge of honour upon their silken sleeve

Brilliance always sees a way : to recall and remember it all

God bless and good speed

– for Christina, Paddy, James, Patrick & Raymond.