Right where we were indeed
Utterly unable to do anything about anything
Living on cold hardened bread and, surprisingly enough, wine
Then came an ultimate touch, through a hazardous fence of sorts
We sought one another out – a silenced shout, so much as a whimper
The perfect procedure, only ever relatively speaking, of course
Her face was disheveled to a point of real animosity
Perilous eyes a frozen mile wide
No disguising complete sadness on both our parts
Something just needed to happen, we just had to start from somewhere
Then, on the fifteenth day, I clocked a chair – old and dust-worn, all out of sorts
But, I reckoned, we ought to try
She takes her wits, needless to say preparing herself to stick it to the madmen sitting just over the door
I lean upon my side, strip the wiring before falling headfirst back upon, hiding rather mysteriously
Then, and only then, does she take a preciously kept knife and prise aforementioned wiring right open
On her side, of course
This, right here, where we NEED to cope
Set our godforsaken selves entirely apart
‘Til stealing the whole damn thing – one immaculate tag-team procedure at a time
Cross that line of divide and sprint

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