Muddied minds lulled into a fitting sense of lopsided comfort and contrarily entranced circumstance. These impatiently waiting patients of deafening behaviour – bringing with them: the brains that broke with stereo-physical protocol

Officially earmarked inside of scattered and tossed notepads Are their worst fears realized in rip-worn doctor’s writing

Useless and scribbled in cryptic hieroglyphics:
A who’s-who of verbose over-emotion aside Painstaking confusion for the sight of these all-angular-things – Lonely Niobes, ghosts-of-themselves and dragging their sweat-stenched souls thru-out Stonewall corners of corridors created by brave people yet bolstered by barely-the-bravest

Only nobody seems to see it but for .. Those of higher-rank only lower intelligence – perhaps best unsaid and left to remain-to-blame

These people pacing the carpets like a bad habit.
Unable, these dearest deathly petrified prisoners, to break the cycle-of-a-lifetime ! Except, of course, to get to momentarily sooth their upside-down souls.. …

With enough shipwrecked sentiments (shared amidst kissed and caressed cigarettes) to send any madman to the brink.. of singular sanity again

A miraculous masterpiece perhaps waiting to happen.

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