This is the place where our hearts stop bleeding, where our minds somehow find a way to finally catch all kinds of sentimental fire – been trying to make the telling difference, to meet what’s excruciatingly correct right by the festooned middle
Twiddling our fastidious thumbs, rum and coke in one hand, glad rags haphazardly cloaking the other, disguised by all of these veteran lies
When a silkened cigarette tends to wash away everything quite akin to demonic nature – the flavour is just fucking atrocious
Bespoke and willing to choke ourselves into readiness, impressions the most important thing in the world to us
A surefire must, when we trembled like crazy ’til heroically distilling these memories and letting their each and every intricate story breathe
Meeting ourselves right by our unlawful mind-prison, subtly twisting the gleaming key to unimaginable freedom

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