1) Inspired and touched by the surface of the welter-weight sun – he sits a distant, dishevelled piece of over-strewn brilliant. With this featherweight script – Sans serif, if he will begin to indulge its lesser descriptive senses yet again.
2) The adolescent adulthood gaining time atop time again and it is beginning to start at feeling all kindsa some sort of serenely remote at being decidedly, deceptively real. And he finally sees something graciously placed and gathered disdainfully from all kinds of lucrative nothing.
And his better senses have been strenuously drenched, in freeze-frame inactivity.
3) A standing tall and suggested-to-be-staunch heavyweight Director takes absolute precedence, preparing his strengthening tongue gently, ferociously, mostly softly set beneath.
4) The screaming and shrieking underbelly.
Which carries with it his breakneck speed feet. A thousand tumbleweeds amidst
5) This fiddling twist of his bargaining lips, to eventually sell himself out to the Hollywood cash-cow Devil and speak – in all of these over-indulgently suggestive sayings of professionally incorrect His.
6) Where there is a will there has to have been 
An undoubted Pay-Out pause for clause and it will start at being all of it 
7) Interconnected His
Which one of the real He, though!?
8) We have to, have to… just have to fucking know …
9) N-O-W!! Now … Now, Goddamnit!!!
10) Spell it / spill it / sip it / kiss it
And remember, the mistakes are the best bit.
11) This tiny violin causes all of the sins yet none of the signs.