You stopped my heart in a sudden and altogether shuddering beat – when we got to feel all of it, every next mouthwatering bit
Parcel-wrapped to a beautifully trapping extent – seems the pretty bow will always know best
These moments are notoriously heaven-sent, meant to replicate love-stories of old – fabricated will do just fine, thank you very much
So you know I’ve been wining and dining with all the wrong kinds of people
Typically blinded by the most trip-inducing light on out there
When Armani suits and cocktail dresses quenched my constant thirst – call it the lure of the Manhattan skylight at night
Falsifying my goddamn everything
But I’m prepared to go again, take myself back to a time coated in reassuring sublime, remember when it tried its damnedest to make all kinds of sense
Let’s drench ourselves to the absolute bones of our serendipitous beings even if we are rather prone to bouts of agony aside these bouts of utter brilliance – the good with the bad, no one ever gets to be entirely glad
Now, please pass a taboo cigarette in my direction and prepare yourself to make my dishevelled brow bow to your smile-inducing conversation

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