A bestial man of undeniable quality with a smouldering, soldiering – left foot, right foot forward – kindliness about him
An instance – a flickering sparkle of cradled, crazed kinship – means to break the linear line of the alarming difference between a pair of desirable people, whilst it gets to quenching their thirsty thirst again
And all courtesy of quick-smart sneering and single-fingered whisky-sniffing
This is their charmingly whimsical juxtaposition, a lit lighter never sleeps 
The male, the female and the comfortable in-between which will scram, scam and s-c-r-e-a-m endlessly
And his tethered gentleman lips appear a little worn-out and riotously real – a swarming swarmed crowd of vengeful people sworn to bargaining secrecy within each and every next visit put paid to him
These window-peering imbeciles with wag-gable tongues for metaphysical, metaphorical wings
She is locked=in and shun of her own allowed and disdainful accordance to whichever comes first, the chicken-shit or the Pegasus-in-sedation – and she surely does wish that she could be his again and for one last time and so suddenly soon as her sugar-beat eyes finally accordion-ate to recklessly realign
He is sitting with his fist in his bullet-arisen mouth and her words wandering around about his addled mind – she never really minds, even if his imagination can do itself an agonising disservice and catches magnificent kite
Flighty as f**k on hot-wheels and s/he sees everything – he was legitimately ahead of himself to begin with