Hellbent upon
Utter reconstruction
And she shall matter of factual fact unearth the immaculate way forth forward forever prioritised by this crazily kaleidoscopic looking-glass entity which carries itself enthusiastically and endlessly right by

This unaccountably collective industrial efficacy of hers, sidled marvellously within these instantaneous instances of constanced class – frightfully, fighting-ly, fittingly dishevelled and twisted amidst the paused fought thought for the radiant cause of a confustigated strife-time

P-a-r-a-l-y-s-e-d by these white-worn, wicker-wedged lies

He sits next to her every other singular second of every other secular day, yet he can barely bring himself to speak yet alone so much as release a little whimper

And we shall forever stand immediately right here, individualistic for our whole wide-eyed worth – these remarkably suggestive, supernaturally unnatural aside deceptively settled somebody’s

Divided right by this particularly peculiar attention-seeker’s unmitigated need for honorary attention… did we ever actually lean in and attempt to whisper and to silently mention near your unabashed, still stinging ear…

He dreams of meaning everything meaningful and magical to only truly you, to be your reawakening to be righteously reckoned with

That her undeniable and authentically bespoke resilience to a precise degree of perfectly plagiarised and fictional precision
Lies far and further afield scatter-crashed beneath, when what is sentimentally estranged breathes bewilderingly tenfold and builds itself skywards and skyscraper upwards

These mixed-up flotilla words of yours appear to mean to be your ethereal weapon, don’t they just?

And therein will irreversibly lie the unfathomable, shape-shifting, reconstructed evolution which we shall eventually get to speak so very fondly of, carries itself by way of bountifiable creation indeed

And it’s all of it been this relatively blessed, reconfigured-at-will tapioca-peppered thing, albeit fraught with endless levels of deceptive agony along the heavily meandered highway to Hell on hurting Earth

It pays to influence thyself one way or a corrosively suggestive other – albeit no less petrified til unanimously vilified by this crab-happy lifestyle
Which carries with it insurmountable moments of whimsical enthusiasm

Please, let it be… superficially hellbent and somewhat sordidly inescapable, magically fairytale-d and memorable at best – seems to be that her words are worth every next piece of the serene and fabricated weaponry
Which. They. Do. Choose. To. Use. For. Their. Red-Carpeted. Brilliance.

A softly, rip-torn page wages a most maniacal war, namely

This is The Delve, and it just must work its sensual way out – rigmarole-d til bleeding vivaciously keen and classified by correctified and corruptified by contagious – and to finally, inevitably, fair eventually account for everything meant. to. be.

Simply insatiable

He’s ready and waiting with jingle-jangle bells stressed, stretched and manhandled quite handsomely upon
The better pieces of his better self…