“The what with the WHAT now!?”
The lesbian with no facial features, a creature sent to us from the myths
Disguised entirely, I imagine her piercing eyes to be forever closed
Bee-stung lips which strip us of all our sanity
A button nose that carries with it one single freckle which cannot but usurp, create a little much needed fire right up inside of our bellies
Probably seen her upon our widescreen tellies a thousand times before
Dressed in Louboutin wellies, thought we’d never see the likes
Drenched to the very core of her every being
Stealing one such lucky man away at an oh so scintillating time
Seems even the lesser of us can, and will, have our day
A rain-soaked prairie in this particular instance
Just give me my one and only chance to see it all
For it seems I’m far too sick of make-believe

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