This is it, the mammoth hit above all else – something or another about these intricate lines of snow-white deceit which will permit themselves to still your beating heart all over again
Treat you as though that is all that they have
And, of course, it goes without saying vice-versa, curse that crazy lifelong thirst coursing all too dangerously within you, rather magically on through each and every addiction-filled, altogether relentless part of you
For a time at least, the ultimate feast right before these terrifically jaded eyes that sadly need to remind themselves to rewind, try their best to skip the notoriously fruitless famine – incredibly juxtaposed we can only suppose
You’ve been crying haven’t you just?
Searching for the ultimate pause, these seemingly puppeteered jaws – they were bound to inevitably begin to tremble
You must drag yourself away, been playing this shameful game for far too long, this atrocious stench will need to be utterly extinguished
Now, please rewind just one last time, only minus any kind of a harrowing disaster managing to agonisingly entice you in-between

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