These crestfallen, war-torn seas have been crossed at undeniable speed, and he will rest rather comfortably re-assured to be this terrifically misunderstood entity
In the best light (im)possible

By good God, breaking the mathematical hold at ingenious pace – to learn from oneself and to heavenly bless this tasteful taste

An Indian Everyman, a familiar family man who can
Absolutely dance with these improperly proven equations of none too humble his

A brain which brings him immediately right here, yet his stolen heart will leave him stricken right there

Just Sensational
and he carefree simply sees it all
By the grace of something lent caressed til deliciously spent upon his whispering lips midst this deceptively magical slumber

Whilst these multi-enthused colour-infused numbers crunch aside violently land themselves at spiller’s will… he, won’t he though?… make to break the deafening difference glistened within

These utterly envious aside abruptly awry professorial racists who carry undeserved Knighthoods by their sides

Let These Moments Fester, Flicker, Flock And Forever Flow…
Go toe-to-toe like only you know

To finally, inevitably, altogether fair mysteriously collide to creatively collude

Soon as something natural-born unanimously stirs to instrumentally bring this improbably probable fixation, antagonised demonstration, right by its most gracious knees

And they will, one such secluded ceremonious day, beg for more much, much more of the insanely same
Pretty p-l-e-a-s-e

With a red dot tantalised, permittedly homegrown atop

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