This was the man with ten stone testicles
I know
Hard to believe
But his name was Steve
& it troubled him dearly
Nearly led to a suicide
‘Til a few too many doctors managed to save his life
A strange admission by all accounts
But oh so obvious to see
How the hell are you supposed to meet a nice girl, raise a family
With swells the size of two old apple trees
You see
Steve didn’t know what to do
How to fix it
Just seemed to be something his doctor couldn’t seem to alleviate
Too dangerous to interrupt
Said an incision could prove fatal
Far too abrupt
So he went about his day, never said a thing
For some reason he reckoned to rub it with gelatin would do the trick
A stupid suggestion that only worked for a friend with a ridiculously large d**k
Each to their own
He shuffled on home, would wait ’til his brother, his mother returned
Before taking them out & having an understandable bitch & a moan