A thousand… no, a million ways for a  true champion to think, on reading Ronnie O’Sullivan is it really any wonder he took to the drink, the rest
An insatiable appetite, always and forever looking to impress, it seems potting that ball is only ever going to be a small part of the whole addiction process
Beating the real masters of the game at one time or other, but still adamant he should remain on the right side of his children’s cautious mother
The other Ronnie thought him to be like Mozart when it came down to one thing, his game, an incredibly fine art, he even managing to take his good friend Jimmy White apart
Fright-Night, while rolling all too controversially with ‘The Stones’, his critics will still bemoan him, for his sins as well as mouthwatering spells, moments of genius
Vodka and orange, far too many to count, a crazy amount, but still thrilling them time again with centuries left, right and centre, right there in front of one of the countires most treasured pensioners