Fifteen years for nothing
They placed me in a playpen – shackled, tackled to the floor by hapless guards time and again
I did nothing wrong
Just ask my goddamn mother!!
But they cannot for she is dead
A smile utterly impossible to find, for it had lost its inner thirst to even so much as try and begin
I was frozen to the spot, my eyes no longer able to stave any of this pain off
‘Til every single day became the very same
Muted against my utter naturality, eventually I might speak
But all I could use it for was to eat
Plates of crusty, green-ridden bread and water pushed so far as my feet
I grit my teeth in anger and they start to crumble
I fumble about to pick up each and every piece
I am unhealthy to a most unbelievable degree
They see me but they just won’t help me
Pity the fool who comes in contact with me as soon as I chance upon seeing them again
For today they have finally been forced to turn the dusty key
No such apology but, my friends… I. Am. Free.

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