The night takes the day away
And she stands with these tired – from – trying hands pressed against the very same fence – twisted atop ferociously mangled
The moon tilts to see
Where she once came to set the heart Rapturously aflame – only he is no longer a part of the previous process, lost to the dastardly car – smash a little over a yonder that envelopes her whole being
To attempt to corrode a crying – shame brain again and again – it’s been oh so harrowing to admit the least
Choke hold supreme
She’s preached to anyone who will let themselves listen
And this Signature pen, which sits devotedly, resolutely right by said fence, as though t’were heavily intent upon taking on a life of its rather immortalised own
Is far too prone to creating, piecing back together the imagined bits of him that beg to be enticed and magically relayed
Right by the sentimental page further afield which longs to release
To cause this particular woman to somehow, anyhow, begin to breathe ’til beating again