Everything he said made no sense whatsoever
The most annoying man in the world
He didn’t even seem to know he was so annoying, just plodded on regardless
Needless to say, his family had disowned him, but he still ate dinner in their house every Saturday
Clueless just like the slow man over the road, only far uglier and far more annoying
It wasn’t even what he said, it was how he said it
Always and forever with an irritating twang about his voice
He was from the sticks so it had no place in his heart, some sort of idiot
This was it though, the thing that really irked his mother, the fact he always ate with his hands
Even if there were ten knives and forks laid out in front of him
He used the forks alright, to pick the leftovers out from in between his teeth
And on doing this what would he do, he’d smile on over at her regardless, unaware to the last
His younger brother hated him more than most, so much so they never spoke
Well, he spoke but his brother was a brick wall, no place in their home for a man like this
If you feel sorry for him then don’t, stop right there
I’ve met him and it’s incredible, if you’re looking to blow a gasket then you’ve come to the right person
On a par with anyone when it comes to making you land a fist to his gut
That’s happened too, far too many times to count, he was in a league all of his own
Then there’s that exterior, nothing but bone and more bone
“Go home, Jack!”