Memories came flashing back, all good
No, all absolutely great
Everything had gone fittingly, from a few but not too many beers with his mates, to the most immaculate date imaginable
Thinking about it some more, it probably wouldn’t have mattered if they’d been sipping champagne in the sun, or landed smack, bang in the middle of The Hood – Harlem
As things went, Dublin had been her suggestion, and she came with a present, herself wrapped in a bow
No, not really, but you’ll just have to roll with the punches here, go with an all too fictional flow
And the shots most certainly did that, flowed in and around overdue laughs, followed by awesome Tapas over the road, only a metre or two from the building where he once collected his dole money
They strolled on in there, he and his honey, took up there chairs, wolf-whistles every which way
Know what they say, the cat who got the cream and all that
She didn’t even complain while she sat, worried about putting on some weight, this and that, really, women and their crap
He looked in her eyes, reckoned this to be his prize, for something or other, quite possibly a whip-around of karma for the recent demise of his dear old mother?
A text came through from his brother, saying how amazing she had been back in the pub, a gutsy woman, a “beautiful cherub” I think were his exact words
An absurd degree of high-fives come Monday morning, or so he could only assume
The hangover didn’t even matter, not with her lying beside him dressed in only her underwear, oh how old schoolmates would have been reeling in despair
Her beauty spoke for itself, and there he had been from the beginning, bricking it about ending up on the shelf, no hope of that now, not with this particular feeling once more coursing through him
More beer, the hair of the dog?
She rolled over in his direction and nodded her head, groggy-eyed but still full of a surprising amount of jeer, to hell with the Fear
A morning person, willing to spend the day in his company, hungover and happy without any delay, my oh my, if he hadn’t it before then this was most definitely his day