A robotically

enhanced man – with copper-faced vitality red-ribbon-accorded right through, both you and I

He has been mechanically stacked with-in impenetrable ink – a million-dozen unaccountable hours of scribbled notes unofficially created till they’ve made explosive sense of themselves yet again And the gaze is meant to be Almighty

All of these laborious, militia-witted, ingeniously engaging mechanics which carry electrical prongs for sprightly fingertips, willing to strip their nemesis’s loins against the blood-curdled core of their barking-mad bones

These insistently incessant people who will continuously proceed at endlessly twiddling their reddening, deafening, multi-flitting thumbs, whilst all awhile these overbearing carpets of pink prognosis – namely these three-thousand tethered tongues – suddenly get to rambling at a million-miles per

insolvent hour
Til brought back to fictional-life

For one-more-time – and yes, indeed, the bounce with might-of-mind is upon us now