Attack, attack, attack that seething canvas and at ferociously bespoke will, why won’t you just, you chosen few pristine and perfectly readjusted pretty little pretenders? – dastardly beginnings by any honest-to-goodness, oft than not released, realised, admittance

And a brazen-ended, descriptively, cryptically livid, living, breathing mind finds the restless, testing time to cause the rhythm to plagiarise and endlessly, kaleidoscopically rhyme
Bare-boned binary magnificent, and these multi-enthused reckonings of an altogether reckless kind have been keenly meaning… To make somewhat settled sense of themselves yet again
A silver-embedded penny for their over-invested, maniacally estranged thoughts and they really ought to all be whip-smart billionaires by now

The worldwide stage of money-hungry, ogle-eyed infatuation carried by lethargically enhanced people is set to wage a most lucrative and utterly unforgettably war
Once upon an improbable occurrence now a jovial must
When a bristled brush serenely undercuts, undertones and serendipitously touches to taste the arched edges of the flame-less, tameless, picture’s scripture again

Bargains to bring it f-i-n-a-l-l-y alight
For one first time, we are vying to do something entirely different, try as we might to unearth what is magnificent
Intent upon hellbent – the muted masterpiece, a piece of each of us
Tired and worn, we abhor what it imperfect
Playfully plagiarised till godawful paralysed
By creatures creative design

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