You are taking my mind and finding ways to break it back to Life until – thrilled to witness your affliction diction.

So soon as merry men pretenders with eagle-eyed inability to see the real She fail to set fire to your wanderlust anything.

You are pretty, these pictures built in your every slender-tone honour – where inescapable dreams go to realise their very own natural born prioritised upkeep.

He ain’t no alabaster-smashed, ego-driven creep, he’s a goddamn inundated creative believer and he can and shall and fuckwit will… bring solitude atop equally just precision to her family top table.

Bold and dutiful, the game began soon as they required themselves to stand statuesque upright and slightly dastardly, to rewire and find their fine selves again… and set fire at the break of quaking dawn to an alarming degree of visual fixation – yes, the shackles have always been down around bustling, begging to finally live and align rhyme.

The Almighty Climb. One step Up, ten dozen retreat.

Just this invisibility complex needed to flee the chokehold scene of a crying time
And Dry-Iced Diction.

Sounded out, sourced from lava-lit beneath the earth’s bubbling to interrupt surface, soul-fed fiction derived from outright unsightly paralysis.

The pain took some time, indeed
Slowed its erratic necessity… and gained an upper hand reckoning

An eerily unedited version unto himself.

And, so we do learn to know, it took frozen-cold everything to desensitise all kinds of inexplicable nothing… which brought a billion lesser men to unsavoury knees

The real prize – Life minus a silken knife-edge
How can this be… father just whispered near his listening ear – You will be
A poet laureate

Although, he knew this before his very first breath took fighting flight