He stepped on up, looking everywhere – an old friend, bespectacled and a little too prepared – the planted one
An avid fan, their eager hand about to amount to every kind of question known to Heaney’s supposed ‘right hand man’
A nervous girl smiles whilst problematically waiting for everything to suddenly begin to mean something yet again
Crucifix within her moisturised palms, begging
Special when this once oh so eerily silent man suddenly gets to prep his seeming to appear mammoth microphone
Cough, cough
Starts to wax intricate lyrical, an intrepid story which manages to unequivocally set these each and every separate hearts a-flutter, tie a pretty bow in and around them
Instrumentally aforementioned intricate and all owing to these constant and finally nurtured home-brewed wits
Mouthwateringly unbreakable as is the crackling river which will rush nearby
Unshakeable utterly so
Finally, he will step back down from this usually cognitively corrosive parapet having devotedly albeit only ever relatively momentarily transformed these much promised forever frowns into three dozen mile-wide smiles
Perfectly plied – he their homegrown reader for all of a diligent evening
All inside of one such tapestried church
When one tiny little misplaced burp might just have felt like a bullet