The time has come, to believe all of the shit going on about the place
To tee it on up, strip away this rather forlorn and wayward self-deceit, meet what’s terrific right by the prolonged middle
Piss in the wind and take a step on back, perhaps let yourself get to see what THEY’VE been reading
Have your coffee, have your goddamn cigarette, albeit an entire threat to the system
Why not have it all, that beautiful woman, she will linger on over – stall the ball ’til finally falling your way
This is your only dream, something which will seemingly never leave your side – you can hide but, rest-assured, they’ll find you
As pure as they do tend to come, lacking this and that yet an undeniable rung above
This rhyme may do nothing whatsoever for you, but the acknowledgement is all too deserving
Stir it on up, prep them for the next great someone
No-one needs to know you’re as false as they come

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