He flicked this ash from his rolled up cigarette and set himself up for the perfect fall – get to let them all see that he could indeed fall oh so very far and get back up twice as fast as any other on out there
Did always need to be a fair and downright degree of despair coursing on through you, didn’t there?
Seems you’ve done your time now though, just about get ready to shine, my friend – I do believe that you might just deserve all of everything
These things, these opportunities that lie right in front of you, turns out they are mesmerisingly visual, just how we mapped it out to be exactly!
You’ve been pitted oh so chokehold-extraordinaire, in more manners than one
Could certainly not care less – no card of hearts pressed against your honest-to-goodness chest
Fail goddamn good and always remember, never forget this above all else, to cherish those who were prepared to hold you upon their local shoulders
From the seriously judgemental onset
Everywhere is local in its own right, just that you might need to spread your words further afield given time

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