They always open up the door to a brand new life for me
Simple as that, or so it does seem
Immaculate buddies of mine, time and time again maxed out to the nines, wine in hand
Party time!!
We converse, get to settle certain assumptions, quench our terrible thirsts
Ready to burst into flames
I do blame the Martini – crystal clear – an enticing sip whilst my boyfriend leans on over, whispers oh so goddamn longingly in my ear
So near and not at all that far away
Works wonders, I just love to hear what it is he might choose to say
Everyone chatting in perfect unison
Quirky puns never too far off
Dour Derek – the computer geek – the uninvited freak who stares at my chest
A soft underbelly of politics, owing to a 12″ telly boisterously bouncing about in one corner
My young cousin Billy in another, adamant on us opting on leaving so soon, smothering his thoughts, only ever interested in catching the late night porn
Warms my heart to see him, of course, but not so much having to imagine what it is he might get up to while we’re gone
A teenage boy’s strong longings – those creeps, seems they’ll touch absolutely anything they can get their hands on
What you might call teetering on the right side of wrong