A tepid taste of gIN and then, a mathematical equation to send these Merry men into methodical battle yet again. Up all of the live-long nighttime and lividly permitted to squint the life from wired, wine-led eyes.

Asking, no.. absolutely begging to be mentally released, with these quick-thinking syllables placing themselves disheveled against.. the wide awake face of each of every next uproarious page –

That shall-both-can fastidiously attempt to fast-forward and furiously wage suitably idiosyncratic suggestion against their deepest darkest deathliest fate.

Yet, one disfigured decimal deceptively misplaced and the whole entire taste for tantalized torture rampantly starts… at failing to make rhapsodical sense

All a-whilst an agitated Einstein stands eerily still, eager-faced and desirably misguided by these upside-down lies, as he shrilly continues to feel bleary-eyed, oft-than-not desirably surreal and entirely at a vacuous loss this time, all a-whilst simultaneously preparing himself to desperately vacate… … his deepest darkest deathliest fate.

Yet lethargically led to profusely procreate amidst this epic sense of starry-eyed sedation – namely permitted with enough gIN liquor to fill

The whole wide-open ocean which lies mischievously behind

Windblown eyes

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