Been manically prying, trying like crazy above all else
Crying into their whiskey-fuelled cereals come the tragic turn of the all too inviting a.m.
Heroine on a most cumbersome nutshell – quell a little then gladly bring a sizeable degree of shame upon them
What we are dealing with here is fear amidst upside-down bravery, all things incredibly unsavoury
An unshakeable necessity to tame these inner demons which circle before tremendously stinging them back into forlorn submission time again
A gargantuan-armed salute to all that is haphazard, a shoddy rip-torn plaster that disguises nothing
Dressed inside of multi-coloured glad rags spandex and these sabre-tooth smiles that will continue to take them for a false mile, never so unrealistically pressed
All in terrifyingly horrific jest, or so they do tend to attempt to say
Soaked to the screaming bones of their weakened existences, perilously atop sadly permitting
A mind-prison which never lets go, the only real flow that they have come to know of

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