They really didn’t think that there was anything else left for it whatsoever anymore, no nothing, no EVERYTHING actually… but for… …what(?) EXACTly.

Just how it is and how THAT particular particle of Cumbersome cookie did InDeEd INFACT appear-to-CrUmBlE.

To a flatlining h-a-l-t: although, Whilst that IS, in-fact, fine and GrAcIoUs AND considerABLY kept Credibly in-TaCT – – and ALL other things of irrelevant understanding.

there HAD TO have been… another sole-singular purPOSE
For… this pecking/order and PeCuLiAr reasoning Above-all-ElSe-

for ALL of t(his) upside-down, underneath-the-elusive-beneath CoMmItIoN; didn’t there, though!!

However, and BlAtAnTlY FOR-(ever)… we do in deed and otherwise vAlIaNTlY reprioritised tend-to-worship


Of calmness and comfort of a most contactless and ConTrAry sort, which reALLy ought-to have been WoNdErFULLy utilised and beautiFULLY used… … …

By all of US, perhaps. Like a mothPlacedAgainstTheFlame: Their sanity finALLy feels FREE and R-E-A-L

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