All hands caressed – by the evils of magnificent industry
Plagiarised home-blown cigars and we begin to make singular sense of the whole system

Three boys joined by one smart, smart man, carried til blessedly caressed by a life less ordinary – contrary to popular belief these quick-witted moments have been making intelligent sense of themselves again and yet again

Poised to imperfect perfection, an upside-down wanderlust creation lifted aloft by many a stepping-stone of humour-filled generations

Time delicately intertwined – and transatlantic misbehaviour invites itself to the source of the scene midst undeniable actuality
A creative table – a take on a brand new tale – of decidedly directionless facts which gather and gain something comedic from supposedly nothing – the only memorable way forth forward prioritised by four pairs of delirious eyes

Meandering in and around this smoke-digested environment of secretive theirs, we have to lean in, listen, whisper and silently ask: Is this, perhaps, the conversational masterpiece to outlast, outcast, all others, wherein a father’s dreams go to serendipitously breathe?

A moment gilded in white matrimony to set them comfortably apart and forever freeze-framed together, the juxtaposition in utter realisation – when these heavily, heavenly, brush-stoked events mean everything extra-special and brotherly love unfolds like tasteful crazy

A jovial father sits before them

And we specifically inundate ourselves by way of a harpooned kind of opinionated happiness

One beautifully resolute daughter stands to righteous reckoning a little further over a yonder
And soon, above all else, another secondary son will stroll on in, enter the affable and unmatched equation, wherein family means Absolutely Everything and a bespoke nature chokeholds them in the best way possible

Safe to say, this has been a thing of mysteriously unforgettable beauty, wherein truth manoeuvres to please – easy on a million-and-one other eyes for indiscreet industry

Resolute to the pause-for-thought cause