This darkened place reminds me of a harrowing time way back when you destroyed all of it
Sitting rather bedraggled – tagging yourself every now and then with these over-used needles only ever intent on delving all of the deeper – meticulous degrees of rather flamboyant abuse
Only ever money permitting, of course
Your dreaded drug-dealer thief standing all too accustomed and tall, happily delivering whilst all awhile agonisingly stealing away your everything – an outright nonplussed creep in the precariously distinctive night
We tried but you shut-closed the door that once marched us right on into your incredibly welcoming heart – remarkably so
Now but a hardened thing wholly touched and ‘caressed’ by these God awful sullen regrets
Over a trembling albeit nonetheless boisterous cry-as-you-might shoulder
This acidic boulder has been frightfully able at managing to place our only daughter too far out of reach to ever get to mention
We will attempt to turn the tables, bend on our bloodied and desperate knees, preach to the high heavens if needs be

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