Subtle attempts and over-turned overcoats and she will suddenly need to know exactly what is was has hit her – Heavily
Heavenly with all of this secure-arisen rhythm But why, oh why
Did it have to be so very nakedly pressed soliloquy against…
The curved parts of her framed heart,
With a precious gun pushed against her forever temple and insistently listening too-late-to-sedate
Any more of these lines till bound-n-binded in an exceptional sentence
Set to recall, remember… December – When these bullets ricocheted against the shape of her favourite-best-brain
Soaked-in-Survival and hanging onto the very last untimely grain
Is this perhaps the finger-licking adultery which they do so softly speak of, surreptitiously set their stories in posthumous stone
Via gale-force ventriloquism… finally… a flicked car upon a sugar-coated dime
And it all horribly unwinds
Inside – inside – – – Of her once-upon-a-puddle-splashing-mind
Now-but-an-ocean Searching-for-a-potion
A drop-of-delight Sprinkled-with-relight