You took my heart and tore it apart
Like no-one has ever done before
Soothing a thing of your absolute past, all yip-yap and no such guarantee
Miraculously unwinding albeit tremendously trying at the exact same time
Seemingly so
To tie it all back together
So very far from instrumental anymore
Where you once oh so eloquently let yourself pour you now get to wallow right where you stand – pedestrian-tracked, taken rather deceptively aback
A loud-mouth carried along all too oft by these spider-webbed hands
Flailing then magnificently trailing right by your grotesque sides
Ghastly otherworldly and caricature-like
Monstrously energetic yet pock-marked to a point of no real return
And, guess what, you earned all of it
Every last sordid and typically sullen bit
Can’t wait ’til you finally fail to cope and your famed dry-wit humour explodes
Perhaps then, and only then, will you take it upon yourself to finally propose

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