A fantastic girl
To Ger she means the world
‘The Paris of West Cork’
That’s what they call it
The house up there
On the hill
In ‘Radharc An Bhaile’
Ger & Magda
A more carefree couple
You’d be hard-pressed
To find
Warms the heart
To get to see them
Hardly ever apart
Works damn hard
At her job
Out the road
In Enniskeane
The most popular
Centra by far
By God are their
Customers keen
Furthered her prospects
At D.I.T.
In between the hard graft
Her favourite beer
A bubblin’
Passed her exams
Without any trouble
Tipple of choice
Corona & lime
Nothing but
Misses Janusz & Barbara
Helps having her
Brother Maciej
Over the road
When she yearns
For the parents
He always brings love
By the bucket load
Works out
Like there’s no tomorrow
With the man she calls
The ‘pup’
I try to tell anyone this
He’ll nudge me on a night out
& tell me to
Shut the …. up
The pair of them
Keep themselves trim
With regular visits paid
To the gym
His friends take to her
In an instant
I’ll tell you this much
This relationship…
It ain’t no stint
Many a holiday enjoyed
Poland for the Euros
Brings especially fond memories
Magda tans well
But poor Ger’s face
Ends up all the redder
A farmer’s tan
To the last
Soul mates for sure
All of the love they
Put in
Despite the odd funny skirmish
Is completely pure