Your face shaped my whole wide world
Turned me on a most glorious and symmetrical globe – kissing all of the colours of the flamboyant universe
Your preciously kept fingers made me linger, tickled all of the way pink by these instrumentally manicured fair metaphorical puppet-strings
Your bare-naked back, freckled and managing to track all of my everything – instigating, so much as permitting, laying down a replicated and indestructible backbone all of my own
Mirror-image only plus a rather carefree edge
Usually along the carefree ledge
Willing to bend over in aid of pledging utter allegiance
These legs, albeit precious by their appearance are the very things to bring me right back to life – a way with words all of their tippy-toed own, rather alarmingly, carefully precarious
Prone to cracking all kinds of glass pools, yet these weather-beaten soles step on over, create unshakeable boulders – when any kind of an ice suddenly becomes twice as nice
Doesn’t matter how cold for we’ve always got our shoulders

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