Don’t know if it’s Inchydoney
Or it’s me
But there’s just something about the place
When you pay a visit
That has you feeling utterly free
Because it’s only over the road from Clonakilty
A real paradise
Even though this admittance makes me feel somewhat guilty
What with hailing from Bandon
There’s the longest beach you can imagine
Only a hundred yards or so from the hotel
The perfect place for a swim
The beach
Or the hotel
Either choice will turn out swell
The surfers sanctuary no doubt
My brother often reminisces over summers spent
Working as a lifeguard
A job deemed to be quite hard
But plenty of fun was had
What with the women turning up in their droves
We touched on the hotel
But more needs to be said
About the place with a thousand and one beds
A lavish existence
Opens its arms to the rich
The not so rich
All smiles as customers leave
Even on the face of the odd uncooperative bitch
There’s always one
Then there’s the sun
What can you say
A rare treat maybe
But whenever I go south
It seems to figure a thing or two out
Find me
Offer up a little something
Inchydoney’s the place when you’re looking for
Some fun
& plenty of R&R
So don’t be afraid to book a room
Keep your ticket safe & sound in the bottom drawer
Trust me
It doesn’t matter where you’re from
Up north…
There’ll always be room for everyone