The whole dastardly place will adamantly await her very next move
A sophomore groove might be quite nice, seems this age-old and rather delicate replication is downright killing everyone
She will need to try and breathe through another such rung altogether
Manic at best, only ever what’s relatively capable at worst, she burst dangerously upon the scene way back when, akin to nothing else like we’ve ever quite seen before – cloaked and daggered perhaps
No such lapse
Eyes wide shut, her octogenarian mother harshly whispering and desperately  telling her that she must amount to something or another, or else there will be all kinds of hell to pay – she is most probably otherworldly and has yet to know it
Yet to manage to magically harness it as such
This seemingly parcel-wrapped talent – albeit awfully tethered and oh so far from glorious touch – has been trimming her existence right the entire way out, counting against her every known will
She is utterly trying to count on her time and to use it as best she can, none of this forbidden stuff, thank you very much
She is caught living beneath, in, and around the quicksilver, high-octane world of the all too desperately driven man

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