Parallel to the playground, not any ulterior sound but for these left-behind kids with gentle sentimental persuasion
A stand-up straight, over-emotional nakidity which sees both seethes – one. way. back in.
She forgives their sins, one paralysed person per abrupt and corrupt time
Oh why not, oh my my my… break these unofficial borders, pl=ease and appease their dearest regret
This fretful finger-tipping both licking gentile crossfire bow and sparrows = two birds with ten stoned stories. .. …
Pedantic and prone to hone our otherworldly unofficially magnificent pronouncements
May just reach the upper-echelon literary deluxe – til it begins to feel…
The whisper of a deathly ear twitch, a self-exploratory head-roll – and these remotely contro—lled tics which crease the better person’s upside=down oc.d
Forty-eight jaded seconds and she is back in the game – turning these reddening cheeks plain ol’ pending insanely. A-gain?
Maybe, we will someday see. ..