Typically engaged
Outrageous for its intricate nature alone – a thousand hands, to have and to cherish for all of a lifetime
He never could hold back that river, could he though
‘Til these multi – soaked aside smartly spattered choke-hold masterpieces with seeming wings pained upon do breathe
And ripple and decidedly pour for their glorious approval
Wholeheartedly bestowed upon, this precarious process next to the very best on out there – brilliance more oft than not snared
An unmatched impression has been undeniably made, the parade of devoted people about to preach and reach to settle a keen eye placed out on analytical rent – the forever stickler within
Caress this particular man – canvas with hope folded astutely inside of all his deliriously artistic dreams
Create a million – and – one mind – alteringly sedated feelings
Bleed for your own artistically prone worth, won’t you just
It never hurts to let Genius back in