They’ve even been asking themselves a million sorts of oughta really not have been asked again.. answers, actually. Such is the lived seething barely even breathing manner of one such person Cradled-to-the-Cutthroat-Bone of barely even beginning to Beg to exist and begin again —

It’s been on automatic autopilot for so damn obviously too long now – that lingering EVIL-EYED thing which swims and lives AND LIES(!) disgustingly within

The inner-insides of their upside-down monster-of-mind – upside-down is even fine, actually; but the pain?! Oh, My, F**king… Christ!!

How can this ONE SINGULAR, STILL-SURVIVING person have lasted THIS long a thundering-of-time and for tHIS particular mind-of-his to have somehow- fuck KNOWS HOW, though(?!) manAGED to c-a-u-s-e itself to simultaneously bReAtHe… …

Whilst another wonderfully corruptified and HOSTILIZED pART(!) Dies…

A… LITTLE… DEEPER i-n-s-i-d-e: his blue-ocean of eyes DO INFACT(!!) tell no such lie, actually

They COULD NOT but be closer to the w-h-o-l-e d-a-m-n t-r-u-t-h than we can EVER-EVEN-BEGIN to linger and iMaGiNe

Because we can, and he w-i-l-l.. and we shALL, all-of-us and simultaneoUSly together ONE ALONGSIDE THE OTHER, hopeFULLY save him

From Himself(!?) NO. Naivety says so, because he DID-NOT-ASK FOR A-N-Y of This(!!)