Didn’t say too much
Just sat there smiling
Taking it all in
Long time retired
So there really was no need for the clock
Come the morning time his mind blank canvassed
Ready and waiting to be painted upon
Many drawings had a heartbeat all of their own
Times too when the paintbrush lost its swagger
Either way the painting would recommence
Great people are able to appreciate the hidden potential
In even the most lacklustre of finishes

That is why he liked the drunk a few feet away oh so very much
Who told everyone he played the piano
That’ll be their never-ending taste for things
He only ever spoke to one person
A man who served him his coffee – black
The coffee and not the man

Never pestered anyone for anything, the first man
He was his own best friend
It was awful easy
When he was so very able to smile at his own reflection in the mirror
His wife had long gone
Though these memories were mighty strong
As though she were still here
Loved by all
Not that he knew it
The smell from the fresh brew always had him in a daze…
Sometimes for days